About Matthew Glanville

I'm married and live in London with my wife and my daughter Isadora whose christening at our lovely church St Martin's in Welton-Le-Marsh you can see above.

As a former soldier (Green Jackets and the Honourable Artillery Company) who has worked in both the US and British armies I bring a wealth of international and practical experience to solving difficult problems.

Having seen the impact of British politics firsthand in Iraq and Afghanistan I am determined to effect change.

Following service in the British Army I have spent the last four years working for the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan on a range of military and development projects. I am also involved in running my family's small farm which is largely arable but we do keep some livestock.

My experience in military affairs and conflict resolution has been recognised at the highest levels of the US Department of Defence and by the United Nations. I've worked advising governments and militaries in some of the most dangerous countries in the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo so I'm always glad to come home.

Before my military and governmental experiences I won a place at Oxford at 16 and went on to win a scholarship and a 1st in Modern History. I also played rugby for the University and cricket for the college, sadly these days my sporting efforts are limited to some running, including the Mablethorpe Marathon twice.